Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Other Guys: I love Explosions

Late last year I heard about a new Adam McKay/Mark Wahlberg movie being shot in New York City and the metropolitan area. Not such a big deal. NYC and the surrounding area are used for film and TV all the time. However, a friend who lives across the street from my parents house in Westchester County (Hartsdale, to be exact) called one day to tell me she had just met Will Farrell in the parking lot of a strip mall where her favorite discount drugstore lives. They had exploded a store nearby - and it was awesome. She also met Wahlberg who flirted with our friend Fathima relentlessly, but that's another story.

I've worked on sets before, mostly television. I've even lived on them. My old apartment was on West 92nd Street between West End Avenue and Riverside Drive, a beautiful block that was basically 'Hollywood East'. Some mornings, I'd leave my building front door and walk into the craft services table for 'Law and Order' or 'Third Watch' or a Woody Allen movie.

So... what's big deal about this Wahlberg movie? What really gets me is this: Not only was this comedy flick shot outside of NYC in a sleepy, boring strip mall near where I grew up - they exploded a store! Explosions! In that decrepit strip mall - where that same friend (Marie) buys spray water bottles for one dollar and hands them out to sun worshippers in the neighborhood pool. (I have two.) Explosions!

The movie is called The Other Guys and stars a bevvy of amazing comedians with some surprises hidden in the cast list. Farrell, Wahlberg, Rob Riggle, Dwayne Johnson, Steve Coogan, Paris Hilton, Eva Mendez, Andy Buckley (David from The Office), and Michael Keaton, grace this terrific line up.

The film releases on August 6th. You can see the trailer above. Hartsdale explosion included.

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