Thursday, April 1, 2010

SNL's Bobby Moynihan on has been up and running for about a year now, hosting a library of funny sketches, improv, parodies and self produced comedy videos created by members of the Upright Citizens Brigade that are fun to behold.

In an effort to perfect it's usability, the online wizards at UCBComedy have adjusted and tinkered with the site throughout the year, changing the look around, trying to make the pieces fit; however, they may have found the right interface this time. re-launched a whole new look today with more clickable user-friendly selections, fresh new offerings and great content.

A new addition to all this funny is a newly UCB produced series called A Few Minutes With Someone Funnier Than You. SNL's Bobby Moynihan is in the premiere episode. Bobby has been with the UCB for almost a decade. Although he's been on SNL for a few years, he continues to be a member of the Harold team "Stepfathers", and can be found on a given Sunday night participating in the Mama of all improv shows "ASSSSCAT 3000".

Speaking of Saturday Night Live, Tina Fey will host on April 10th. She'll probably be awesome and funny. Perhaps she'll do a Sarah Palin impression or two. Or maybe not. I hope not. Musical guest is...Shut up!...Justin Beiber!

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