Sunday, April 25, 2010

SNL: When 'Weekend Update' Stole the Show

Last night's Saturday Night Live guest starred Gabarouey Sidibe. I'll admit it. I only know her through interviews. The movie Precious has been on my Netflix queue for a while now, but I keep bumping it down to the bottom. Knowing the outline and highlights of the story, I've been dreading seeing this anguish inducing film. But Gabarouey seems like a cool lady, and proved as much in a funny, sometimes uneven SNL last night.

Notable moments came during 'Weekend Update, where Bill Hader lost it as Stefon giving advice to tourists on where to go while in New York City...

...and in a surprise turn, writer/performer John Mulaney appeared on camera (not just in writing) voicing his frustration on why Girl Scouts only sell cookies once a year.

Check out John's stand up on his website

Here's my personal favorite: John Mulaney and Nick Kroll as Gil and George in the Oh Hello Show at Upright Citizens Brigade in NYC.

On a another note: Just thinking how great it would be if Gil and George met up with Ronna and Beverly.

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