Friday, December 5, 2008

"30 Rock: Reunion"

"Suck on it you whittling iHop monkies! Lemon Out!"

If Pam Beesly's bitchiness has emerged from the depth of her passive aggressive soul, then I'm pleased to celebrate the evil bitchery that is Liz Lemon. This is bitchery I can believe in because Liz is me, and I am Liz, and I can relate to pouring on the vinegar just to get by. Last night's episode entitled "Reunion" hit the spot with some good time memories for Liz that aren't quite as she remembers them. Also, Don Geiss wakes up from his coma to name himself the CEO of GE forever, and Jack tries to skulk away to Florida to wallow in a bevy of babes, only to end up in snowy White Haven, PA with Liz, back home for her twenty year high school reunion. "I want to go to there" has already been heavily quoted by the watercoolers of blogs alike, but I have to add it here. Yes. I want to go to there too. This show will never not rock.

It appears that not only was Liz a big time, overweight geek (as expressed by Jack above) with braces and a short hair perm, but she was a snarky aggressor who frightened all the popular kids with cutting remarks and giant sized insults that cut them so bad, they needed therapy. Svelte, sassy successful Liz sashayed her way into the party like she was walking onto a yacht (as the song goes), thinking she's the bomb, only to realize the stares and glares are of hatred. Jack is mistaken for Larry Braverman, the popular cool kid from way back, and plays along, only to end up playing Seven Minutes in Heaven in a closet with Liz, ultimately saving her from being "Carrie-d", all ending up in a get-a-way when his pretend former girlfriend introduces him to "their son".

Back at the homestead, Kenneth is stealing laughs in the elevator from the real comedians. Since our favorite Page has apparently taken on the job of comedian, Jenna and Tracy switch jobs by giving tours and being Kenneth in all his southern baptist weirdo glory.

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