Saturday, December 6, 2008

SNL: Guest Host - John Malkovich and Poehler Surprise

Tonight's Live with guest host John Malkovich and musical guest T.I. Malkovich is currently starring in "The Changeling".

Update: I will admit that whenever SNL is on, depending on the host, I watch the first fifteen minutes, then start to wander around the room while it glows in the background. I surf the internet, create a new playlist on iTunes and start figuring out how long I'm going to stay up. Yes, I have no life.

Last Saturday's SNL was no different. I remember Malkovich reading "T'was The Night Before Christmas" to kids, and recall a somewhat funny sketch about twin brothers freaking out over getting a calculator for Christmas. But the main event was the return of Amy Poehler. It's not clear if she will return for limited appearances, but who cares? There she was as Hillary Clinton, in all her wigged out, jaw clenching glory. Viewing her back in the Weekend Update seat was a sight for sore eyes. It will be sad to finally see her go. If that was her final appearance, then I'm glad it's on to savor.

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