Monday, December 15, 2008

Prop 8: The Musical

This isn't specifically television related, but so many amazing stars of television and big screen participated in this hilarious tribute to Proposition 8, which was voted down in California this past election day. John C. Reilly and Jack Black put this mock community theater performance on for Funny Or Die. It's like "Where's Waldo". Can you spot the celeb? Funny. Thought provoking. I feel like I'm back in my high school drama club.

....And A Rant for Today...

Speaking of Jack Black, whom I love so very dearly since he's given me the most orgasmic laughs in my life: There is a rumor, now turned fact, that he will be guesting on the after Super Bowl episode of "The Office". He will be playing a character - not himself.

Now, I love me some Jack - but having a celeb of his fame on this show about simple, regular people is so against everything "The Office" is about that I'm - well - disappointed that they had to resort to stunt casting. It started off with a cast of unknowns, who are now as glamorized and established as the rest of them with the publicity machine turning up the heat, and the circle of friends getting sexier and exclusive. Sexy half nude pictures of Jenna, John dating a starlet like Emily Blount - we're losing them to the red carpets, sexy pictorial spreads, paparazzi snapshots and hushed rumors that are part of Hollywood fame. It was bound to happen. But now that the quality of "The Office" has decreased in the past two seasons, and the stock of it's cast members has increased, it feels as though a wonderful show is taking a hit thanks to the spoils of success. It's great that all is going well for them, but I feel the purity (and nothing is pure in L.A.) is going stale. It's the end of the innocence, so to speak.

Update: NBC has announced that Jack Black, Jessica Alba and Cloris Leachman will be guest starring in the stunt casted, star studded post Super Bowl one hour special of "The Office" on February 2nd. The big stars on board will be playing fictional characters in a bootleg movie the gang at Dunder Mifflin will be viewing. This definitely appears to be a clever move, but I'm still wary of how this will work out. Oh, "Office" - why are you forsaking me? Rick Porter of Zap2It knows of what I speak, in a recent blog that sings the blues over this latest stunt by NBC.

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