Monday, February 23, 2009

Flight of the Conchords: Love is the Weapon of Choice

Perhaps it was the boring snore of an Oscar ceremony that bummed me out for the night, but I wasn't feeling Sunday's new episode of Flight of the Conchords. I hate to say this because Bret and Jemaine are so genuine, sweet and funny that even when a show isn't their best, there is always a sparkling morsel of gemstone to mine. However, last night's episode entitled "Love is the Weapon of Choice" was a strange mixture of familiar storyline rehashed from last year's "Sally"episode, with songs that didn't jive in my ear (with the exception of their finale on dogs). I blame Hugh Jackman for this less than happy review. He harshed my mellow.

While jogging in the park, the boys meet up with Brahbrah, played by the ubiquitous SNL "It" girl, Kristin Wiig who is searching the park for her epileptic dog. The boys each fall in love with her because she's a girl with a cute button nose, and they are horny dudes who'll fall in love with any girl who'll speak to them. Especially any girl who isn't named Mel - their number one super fan, and slightly deranged but lovable stalker.

Yes, Wiig is funny, but Christ on a cracker, does she have to be in everything? You can't turn your head without seeing her in a Judd Apatow film, 30 Rock, every Saturday Night Live sketch that requires a weirdo. I'm glad she getting work, but I'm seeing her in my sleep. She's actually alright as Brahbrah, but I'm Wiig'd out. Again, I blame Hugh Jackman for this attitude.

Both believing Brahbrah (holy batman that name!) likes the attributes of the other, Bret steals Jemaine's glasses and clothes, while Jemaine glues on a Bret-like beard, each sharing a date to woe her with charm. (Sally? Where are you?)

Fed up with competing, they challenge each other to a duel. Very cute. But frankly, it was handled within the shriek of a song that came close to making my ears bleed. I was tempted to switch back to the hideous Oscars to view Jackman perform his tribute to movie musicals which are supposedly back (insert jazz hands here) - but not. (Don't tell him, but Mamma Mia and High School Musical are not quality enough to re-claim the genre in 2009).

In order to impress Brahbrah, the guys help set up a charity event for epileptic dogs. This was actually pretty funny. PowerPoint slides with photos of cute pups and lists describing the dangers of epilepsy were accompanied by a signature funny song that truly worked. However, all goes awry when their strobe light show made all the effected dogs go into seizure. As they leave the venue, Brahbrah mentions that some even died. Oh dear. I know, I know...Conchords have an absurdist view of humor, and no animals were hurt in the making of this show, but I'm a dog lover. Despite the icky, yet funny allusions to dogs shaking in the lyrics of their song, I don't want to imagine, even in jest, the death of a pooch.

It turns out Brahbrah thought Bret and Jemaine were gay. When they clear up the confusion, she admits to digging Bret. Jemaine is left in the dust. Again, I blame Hugh Jackman.

Of course, not every episode can be perfection. Since last week's episode was filled with stellar music and the well balanced quirky comedy we've come to expect from Flight of the Conchords, they were bound to have a less successful one, even if they do look pretty damn cute in shorts.

Speaking of showing some leg, well not their legs - Flight of the Conchords had a Q&A in Playboy recently. Check out the premiere fan site, for a better than real scan. The site is run by Sherry. She's the boys main webchick who has been championing them from the beginning (before HBO and America found them).

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jamnicity said...

Thought you'd like to know that you've made new fans of Flight of the Conchords. Having noticed your regular blogging about the show (and seeing a brief snippet about it on CBS Sunday Morning) I decided to rent the first season. My husband and I love it! So far we're only half way through the first season, but I can't wait to see the rest. Such dorky humor, and the songs are wonderfully goofy!

Sorry to hear that this week's new episode wasn't so great. Hopefully it was just the bad Oscars vibe, and I agree the Oscars were snoozeville.