Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oh, To Be Stuck in An Elevator with the Twitter-rific Stephen Fry

I've adored Stephen Fry since the 1980's. He was the Jeeves to Hugh Laurie's Wooster long before the latter grew a limp, a cane, an American accent and a surly manner to play Dr. House. Imagine my amusement and slight fear when I read Twitter messages of SOS from the lovable six foot plus British "National Treasure" stuck in a lift on the 26th floor of Centre Point in London. If you are also a fan, can you imagine being on that elevator with the plummy intellect and humor of Fry himself? Well, it happened to a group of lucky bastards last night.

Stephen, most likely with one of his many iPhones in hand, took a shot to share to the Twitter-verse outside as the cables of an elevator lift sequestered he and his temporary family suspended in air. "Hells bells!" declared Fry through the interweb. Hells bells, indeed! No one likes to get stuck in a lift, but geez, with Stephen himself? The last time I was held captive in an elevator was in an old building on West18th Street in NYC circa 2002, and my group contained an executive who was later indicted for falsifying revenue to stock holders. Thanks, Gods of Thor. What a thrill.

Stephen and his group of lift-mates made it out alive to live another day - and to appear on popular American television shows. Well, not the rest of them, but Stephen Fry himself. Having been a guest star on Bones, Stephen's Twitterings today indicate he will be traveling back to the U.S. to do another episode of the Fox drama. Elevators, beware!

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