Thursday, July 2, 2009

Boys and Girls Who Do Comedy

Dawn French hosted a fascinating series of interviews for the BBC a few years back with some of the most beloved comedians from both sides of the Atlantic.

There are familiar faces such as Tracy Ullman, Joan Rivers, Sarah Silverman, Russell Brand, Bob Newhart and John Cleese in addition to local British talent whose faces might not ring a bell on this side.

U.S. TV cult comedy fans may know Jimmy Carr, David Walliams, Matt Lucas and Noel Fielding who discuss the highs and lows of their work. French also interviews her husband Lenny Henry and her comedy partner Jennifer Saunders. It's a profound look into the emotional and social issues both men and women in comedy struggle with each day.

Here are excerpts from both series. (Double click on the video and see the rest of the series on YouTube's site.)

Boys Who Do Comedy

Girls Who Do Comedy

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