Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Office Is Back in Production

The cast of The Office has reported back to work for their first table read for season six. The premiere episode will be entitled "Gossip" written by Paul Leiberstein and will air on September 17th. As for spoilers, Executive Producer Greg Daniels said "There's going to be a staffing change for Jim and work...and with Pam pregnant, expect some life moves in that area."

Fans are speculating and making wishes for what they'd like to see between Jim and Pam in season six. Personally, I can't wait for that kid to be born. It's my desire to see Baby Halpert projectile vomit in Dwight's face. I'd like to see this in every episode starting from the day this child lands on earth.

Seriously. My wishes: Please make the show funnier. Give us more Jim development. Make me like Pam and Michael again. Tighten up storyline continuity. No more birthing of watermelons on set. No more broad humor, although I will make a concession if you do go with Baby Halpert projectile vomiting in Dwight's face. It's just a personal choice.

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