Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What's Outside the NYTimes Building This Month

From the new New York Times building, north side, our Digital offices face a billboard that changes every month to promote the hottest new show on cable. One time the bright ecstasy smile of Paige Davis beamed at our cubicles, boasting of her long awaited return to the tired old Trading Spaces. Then, the stern, weather beaten crows feet of fishermen from Deadliest Catch stared us down like we were a bunch of losers for sitting in our cushy seats, typing away like brainiacs while they road sea swells and wrestled sharks washed up on deck. Recently, Patrick Swayze's sexy hair and deep craggy face beamed from the billboard promoting The Beast. (I'd give him a silent good vibe when passing the window. I'm pulling for him).

Now, we have THIS:
This is Travel Channel's Bridget's Sexiest Beaches where Brigette Marquardt and her boobs search planet Earth for, yes, some sexy beaches. Here you go, fans of sexy beaches.

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