Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Mighty Boosh Coming to US and DVD

Photo courtesy of BBC

I'm feeling as sparkly as Vince Noir's mirror ball jump suit. The Mighty Boosh, currently airing on Cartoon Net's Adult Swim on Sunday nights at 1am, is set for an American tour to promote the US July 21st release of seasons 1 - 3 on DVD!

To kick off the whirlwind of promotion, Julian Barratt (aka "Howard Moon") and Noel Fielding (aka "Vince Noir") will be appearing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Wednesday, July 22nd and on
Chelsea Lately on July 27th. They'll be at Comic-Con 2009 in San Diego (July 23rd - 26th) at the Adult Swim booth on July 24th and the BBC America Booth on the 25th. See the full itinerary below for their Comic Con appearances.

During Comic Con, there will be a limited supply of tee shirts (only about 200) available for purchase at the BBC America booth for $17, so move all your ironic tee's to the side of your closet to make room, because here it is.

Photo Courtesy of BBC

As for the DVDs: The Mighty Boosh Seasons 1 through 3 will each come complete with two discs, packaged with some fun bonus extras. The suggested retail price will be $29.98. Check out the BBC America Shop where they are going for $25.98. Amazon is offering season 1 at $19.99 and seasons 2 and 3 at $24.99.

DVD Details

The Mighty Boosh: Season 1: Vince and Howard work at Bob Fossil's (Rich Fulcher) Zooniverse. We are introduced to Naboo the enigmatic Shamen and Bollo the lovable Gorilla.

Season 1 Bonus Features
-Inside the Zooniverse, History of the Boosh, Outtakes, Picture Gallery, Commentary

The Mighty Boosh: Season 2: More epic, mind altering adventures with the fabulous Vince and the jazzy Howard. This is the one with my fave, "The Legend of Old Greg". Pour me a Bailey's.

Season 2 Bonus Features
-The Boosh Tundra, Boosh Publicity, Making Series 2, Outtakes, Interactive Photo Gallery, Deleted Scenes, Sweet, Boosh Music

The Mighty Boosh
: Season 3: Vince and Howard are working at the Nabootique, a second hand shop in Dalston. Pink bladder (yes, a talking bladder) Tony Harrison joins the Shamen crew to party large. Personal Fave episode: "Eels".

Season 3 Bonus Features
-Commentary, Making Boosh 3, Boosh Publicity, Deleted Scenes, Mini Royale Promo, Outtakes, Boosh Music

Comic-Con 2009 Mighty Boosh Details:

SAN DIEGO — July 24/25

COMIC-CON Event Schedule:

Friday July 24:

· 2-3 pm: Signing at Adult Swim booth #3351

· 4:45-5:45 pm Panel (Room 6A)

· 11 pm The Mighty Boosh Bash (A full cast DJ Set)

4th and B (345 B st., between State St and Union St)

o Tickets $5 adv/$10 door

o Drink tickets ($8 mixed/$5 beer)

o Tickets available at Ticketmaster and Club Box Office


· 4:30-5:30 – Signing at BBC America Booth #3629

Watch this space for possible DVD give aways.

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