Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fear and Sanity in D.C.

Colbert and Stewart take over Washington DC this Saturday. Have you bought your Amtrak ticket? Found a Hotel? Packed your tent? Started bumming rides from creepy truck drivers on the NJ Turnpike? If not, you better get started. The 'Rally to Restore Sanity' and the 'March to Keep Fear Alive'will be swarming the National Mall in Washington this Saturday. If you can't be there, just fire up your TV to Comedy Central from 12noon - 3pm and make the choice to find sanity or be afraid of the world. It's your choice, people.

On another note, President Barack O'Bama was on the The Daily Show last night. At last, on the (sort of) eve of the big rally in Washington, the President took time out of his busy schedule while Stewart was in town to discuss what's been happening and why people are mad. It was an amazing moment. However, I fell asleep in the middle of the interview, so here's how it went down.

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