Monday, October 4, 2010

Mad Men: Chinese Wall

"In business, a Chinese wall or firewall is an information barrier implemented within a firm to separate and isolate persons who make investment decisions from persons who are privy to undisclosed material information which may influence those decisions. This is a way of avoiding conflict of interest problems." Wikipedia

"This has nothing to do with the office" says sexy Megan, the wanting secretary who jumps like a puppy when Draper struts down the hall, carrying a billion thoughts on his mind. Her seducing him was a disappointment - as if Don, trying to stay on the straight and narrow, fighting clients who are dropping like flies, succumbed to his old rascal ways. There he goes again, cheating on another blond with a brunette. One can speculate that this "conflict" will create havoc down the road. From Roger and his embarrassing failure to not only lose the Lucky Strike account, but keep it a secret from his partners, to Pete being lured by his own father in law to jump from his "folly" of an ad agency and join a more solid firm, to Don using his dreamy bedroom eyes to get Faye to fess up on confidential client reviews, shows why code of conduct is beaten into the brains of corporate America. This lose way of handling affairs will burn them. Or at least I hope it does - not because I want them to fail, but imagine the drama. Will Megan's aggressive tactics to shag Don bring his trouble? Will Faye hate herself for facilitating a meeting with Heinz, like a roasted pig on a platter for a hungry SCDP? Will Roger jump off the Brooklyn Bridge? We'll see. I just hope Sally did get to see the Beatles at Shea last week with her dad, rather sit there alone while Don boinked an Usherette behind the beer stands in the Upper Mezzanine of that old place.

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