Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Strike TV: From the Picket Line to You

Imagine walking around in a circle all day, every day, for about three months while waiting for negotiators to work out a deal on your union contract. Meanwhile, you count your pennies, wait for good news, get splinters from the signs, freeze your ass off, feel the pain of bunions, and hope the WGA strike ends before you lose your house. In the midst of such goings on, you meet up with writers and performers from around the industry, pitching ideas, getting some gristle for the mill of creativity. Suddenly, one day - you've hatched "Strike TV", an online, original content website where writers and actors, who've bonded through the adversity of AMPTP and WGA battles, produce fresh new scripted entertainment programming for the web, defying the very issue that created a stalemate in the Guild negotiations to begin with (original content residuals).

"Strike TV" has been online for a few months in beta version, testing the waters of technology before their scheduled launch for today. The site is in the same vein as "Funny or Die", where content is devised primarily by well known and behind-the- scenes "well know" writers and actors, putting together short comedy films for the masses. "Strike TV" follows suit with various shorts by Kristin Wigg, Mindy Kaling, and Bob Newhart, to name a few.

Give "Strike TV" a look-see at www. strike.tv.com.

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