Tuesday, January 27, 2009

30 Rock: Mmmmm...Frosting

Have you ever had one of those dreams where you open up a door, or a closet and a whole wonderful universe of happiness, and prettiness and every person you've ever loved exists? And you get to hang out with all your crushes and people you admire in a state of fluffiness? Then you wake up and life sucks again, but you're left with that dream crush or weird feeling of being in love?

That's what next week's new episode of 30 Rock ("Generalissimo") will be like. Jon Hamm is Liz's real life fantasy on the other side of the door, with frosting and ice cream makers ready for the making. Oh yeah...and he's a gorgeous doctor. Please...don't wake me up.

"I want to go to there." Yes, Liz. So do we.

Oh, and there's a story about Jack Donaghy trying to impress Elisa's Grandmother, who hates him because he looks like a baddie on a telenovela. It looks absolutely funny.

Back to my dream of cupcakes and Dr. Baird....

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