Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Random Items for a Tuesday Afternoon

Since the USA Network put the kabash on The Starter Wife a while back, Debra Messing is back in the hunt for a new vehicle. Look s like NBC is taking her on to star in a new yet to be named comedy series. As per a clip from THR she will play a laid off CEO who has to deal with the everyday world of raising her kids. I guess June Cleaver she is not.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

I had never been into The Soup (formerly Talk Soup) until Joel McHale took the hosting reigns from that other guy. He brings this snarky, evil yet sweet hilarity to the show every Friday nights that is infectious. Not like" the clap" infectious. Good, my lungs hurt from laughing, infectious. Well, if his new NBC comedy Community, (co-starring Chevy Chase) becomes a hit, he might be saying goodbye to Kim Kardasian's big butt and Mankini, because his pilot for the network is being deemed "hot" by insiders. That's pretty promising. I hope it works out. Joel on The Soup is a great Friday night treat, but seeing him in a funny sitcom - and very good, hopefully smart, edgy sitcom - will be just what the doctor ordered. But who will take care of Lou?

Source: Hollywood Reporter - "Pilots Building Early Buzz"

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