Monday, April 27, 2009

Save "Chuck"

Chuck has an incredibly devoted following. The love fans have for this show knows no bounds, unless you are the programmers at NBC, who are pondering its fate. Sadly, the goofy dramedy isn't garnering the kind of ratings that thrill executives at the network, so it sits on the bubble of fate, waiting for renewal or cancellation.

The program is taking steps to save itself. Subway, one of Chuck's sponsors, has been promoted through product placement and mentions in the script to make nice with the hand that feeds them. Also, there are many online campaigns to get people to watch the season finale and drum up some more numbers.

Happily, the word is that Chuck could be saved from the axe. However, to keep the momentum going log onto the petition to "Save Chuck".

You can also log onto|tonight-on to get more information on how to save the show..

I'm not a devoted viewer of Chuck, but I'll watch the finale tonight out of solidarity, and will try to continue if it's picked up (I'll have to play catch up as part of my summer DVD viewing). After all, what is NBC going to replace it with if it does go down? Another stinking reality show? No thanks.

Besides, I know how it feels to lose a well written, fun, fascinating show due to low ratings and network failure....

Rest in Peace, Life on Mars....

You too, Bluths.

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