Monday, April 6, 2009

"Rescue Me" Returns

Tommy Gavin and his firefighting team are returning to our airwaves on April 7th on FX at 10pm with more dark humor, heart stopping action and family drama. Word is someone else on his crew will be dieing to come back as another ghost that haunts Tommy, driving him back to alcohol or into the loving arms of any random woman who catches an eye full of him. There is something about Gavin that makes woman draw to him like a magnetic, which makes me wonder if Leary's own vanity comes through as he co-writes the scripts. However, the show is pretty powerful without all the women of New York falling heels over head (and I do mean that) for Tommy. He has a pretty dysfunctional family and a needy engine crew, with one particular firefighter, Franco Rivera (played by Daniel Sunjata) believing in a 9-11 conspiracy. Sunjata, who is actually a conspiracist, helped break the story; however, I find it interesting that it all comes out now. We'll have to wait and see how this will play out.

To read more about the show, ran a terrific article on Denis Leary and the show. "Fifth Alarm for That Haunted Firefighter".

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