Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Stephen Colbert is God

When Stephen Colbert was a correspondent on The Daily Show, I was so blinded by the quirky humor of Steve Carell that I hardly gave Little Bear a second thought. Of course "Even Stephven", the hilarious point-counterpoint talking head between the two Stephens remain in my memory (and at Comedy Central) to laugh at until I lose my mind, but I never gave Colbert the attention he was due. Even the past few years The Colbert Report has been slow going for me. His show has been making waves in political circles alongside Jon's Daily satire, but it took me until late last year to finally...finally love Stephen so much I want to day dream about him.

Last night sealed the deal. In the wake of Fox News' Glenn Beck's sanctimonious outcry for keeping his country safe from all the big bad liberals who worship Obama (which I don't buy for a minute - the guy is a comedian - his fake tears on air reveal his bad acting), Colbert lobbed a nice satirical serve in his direction last night. Sign me up for "The 10-31 Project".

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