Monday, May 18, 2009

ABC's Comedy Announcements

Warning: There will be subjective whines and snarkiness here because most of these comedies don't look interesting to me. goes...

ABC will be bringing Courtney Cox back to prime time in Cougar Town, a show about a 40 year old mother who is on the dating scene once again. (Ugh. Really? CBS has this show. It's called The New Adventures of Old Christine.)

Kelsey Grammar will also be returning to the prime time slate with Hank, a sitcom about a former tycoon who loses his job and spends more time with his family. (Snore...)

Patricia Heaton (oh in The Middle . As the New York Times states, she will be portraying "the matriarch of a working-class Midwestern family." It sounds like a Debra Barrone redux. Bring the aspirin and a cold pak, we're in for it.

Modern Family will be a documentary-style look at three families, one them led by Ed O'Neil (Married with Children). (Huh? That woke me up. Looks interesting.)

ABC is bringing back Better Off Ted and Scrubs - the television show that will not die.

Not coming back is Christina Applegate's Samantha Who. That's truly a shame. It was a solid show. The network couldn't work out a cost cutting budget. Also, after being the lead in to Dancing with the Stars, Samantha didn't stand alone after being let go from the sparkly reality show's airspace on the sked. Sadness. Applegate deserves better.

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