Friday, May 8, 2009

Cafe Disco: YMCA!

Imagine having a disco hang out at work, a place you can pop down to when you're feeling stressed. Michael Scott imagined it, and made it come to life in "Cafe Disco" - a get-away where you can boogie away the tension and get away from it all - in the old offices of MSPC - in the basement. As Kevin would say: "Niiiiice". Or is it?

This episode, entitled "Cafe Disco", is a prime example of the subjective nature of comedy. You either love seeing Dwight act out Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs by cutting the back of Phyllis' blouse to tend to her ailing back, while feeding her a carrot like a horse, or you find it stupid, disturbing, and an act of humiliation toward an older, overweight woman. You either enjoy seeing Michael acting out, grabbing attention, keeping people from working once again by throwing tantrums to get them to stop working and dance the afternoon away, or you'd rather see a more fleshed out, work related plot. You either want to see Jim and Pam elope, or you want a wedding. It's the yin and yang of Office viewership - the polar opposites of what people find entertaining.

"Cafe Disco" was a strange brew of a story, stretched out with lots of dance scenes and a possible Jim and Pam hike to Youngstown, Ohio for a quickie marriage. Thank Thor that didn't happen. The future Halpert's love is too big to have legally completed in the middle of nowheres-ville. The YMCA dance at episode's end gave us a precursor, a quick glimpse into how much fun a real wedding would be for these two. Can you imagine it? Pam doing the dorky "Pam Dance" in a wedding dress, and Jim pogo-ing like a seven foot bamboo shoot in his tuxedo shirt and tie while all their friends and family are having a blast, celebrating the union? Please. This must happen. And it will! Not a quickie elopement. So "Yay" for the Halperts getting on board with a "wedding" wedding. After five years of Jim Pam angst, they deserve a blow out. And so do we.

Am I being a little too paranoid, or are the writers hinting that Kelly and Andy could be the next romantic coupling? Please. relationships! There is a world outside of Dunder Mifflin with single people waiting for a cute meet. No more silly incestuous couples please. And no more Nard Dog heartbreak. That boy needs a cute girl and Kelly just needs to be with Ryan or some dude who likes J-Lo wannabes and gangsta rap.

Also, I'm not loving the new receptionist. Do I have to get to know this girl?

This episode was filled with lots of blahs for me. However, the scene below was simply fantastic, and might be the reason why more people loved "Cafe Disco" than others. It ends with some heart, and may be the only part of this episode I will watch a few more times.

Kevin and Lynn making out against the wall? Awesome.

The Office season finale "Company Picnic" will air next week.

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