Friday, May 15, 2009

The Office Finale Aftermath

"We are one of those couples with a long story when people ask us how we found each other."

My how Michael has grown. Steve Carell never ceases to amaze with his sensitivity in a delicate moment. I've been hating on Michael lately with his vindictive assy gestures toward the branch, but one episode can turn that feeling around. His long gazes to Holly and held back words that hung in the air crumbled my heart. Amy Ryan is so satuated in talent, it's hard to begin. Her dorkability and playfulness was touching ("Extrie, Extrie, Read all about it!"). AJ, played handsomely by Rob Huebel (who I'm adoring right now) lent a sense of bittersweet subtlety, remaining posed amid Michael's digs. Although he's seen in small doses, it was clear Holly's new love was a kind person who really loved her. Michael himself was impressive. Instead of being a baby, selfishly crashing Holly's happy relationship, he laid off, seeking solace in letting nature take its course, because he has all the time in the world. Lovely to see Michael embracing the Zen of it all.

Other than that - nothing much happened in this episode. There was a company picnic. There was a volleyball game. Charles is a total jag. Michael and Holly performed a sketch about Dunder Mifflin showcasing its history through a Slumdog Millionare questionnaire and letting it slip that the Buffalo branch is history (Hello, Brian Stack! Hey Tanster!). Dwight found a really creepy friend who told Angela she's a whore, only for Schrute to defend her. Ugh. Not that relationship again. Pam sort of twisted her ankle and was forced to go to the hospital just for liability issues. Something about x-rays and tests...but nothing much.

Oh wait....


Those amazing, awesome lovebirds are going to have a mini-Halpert! Holy freaking THOR!!!!! Thank you sweet Jeebus! That baby was just begging to be born. The wedding will happen fine, good. But this? This is awesome rolled in a blanket. I take back all my annoyance for these two.

The improbables and mild contrivances don't matter to me right now, and there were a few. (Since when is Pam a Volleyball queen when last year's "Job Fair" episode had her speak of hating Gym, and getting out of playing Volleyball due to PMS?) Nonetheless, I will take this uneven and disappointing season five and replay the highlights in my mind. The thought of a Halpert baby will make me happy on a hot summer day as reruns fill prime time and the Mets break my heart.

Here's a highlight reel:

Honorable mention to Stanley for being the king of cool.

"I don't usually enjoy the the-a-ter, but this is delightful"

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