Tuesday, May 5, 2009

NBC Unveils New Leno

NBC was the first to present their new programming to advertisers yesterday at the Infronts. Although we have yet to see the fall schedule, at least we know what is on their plate for the new season. In addition to some new sitcoms such as Community (thumbs up!) and 100 Questions (hmmm...we'll see), comedy on NBC will be topped off each night with Jay Leno's new nightly 10pm talkshow, bumping the usual line up of dramas that fill the timeslot.

Here's a dazzle reel for the new Jay Leno Show, which feels like the Tonight Show with Jay Leno because his well known bits will remain on the slab. I'm sure everyone is drawing a sigh of relief. What would we do without "Jay Walking"?

Awww...I like Jay. I just never watch him unless someone from The Office is on promoting something. Being an old Letterman fan from the early days, I've always thought Jay was a better guest than a host. Here's an old episode of Late Night with David Letterman. It's a classic. And of course it contains "Jay's Beef".

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