Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sneak Peak for The Office Season Finale

NBC has provided some glimpses into this Thursday's season finale of The Office entitled "Company Picnic". Looks like Charles Miner is back to being a total ass to Jim, and Jim takes the assery in stride - until he's pushed by Miner into a firey rage of fiendish anger as the demons from hell soar from Halpert's mouth onto Charle's head with bloody vengence, feeding on his eyeballs - oh wait. Maybe not. But that would sure look good in IMAX. The real IMAX.

Meanwhile, Dwight's an idiot. Kevin cannot play volleyball, and Jim and Pam's adorableness in the afternoon sun is making me sleepy. So sleepy. Turn it up a notch, writers! Or better yet, hire me. I've got some ideas.

Seeing Amy Ryan return alongside Rob Huebel who plays AJ "The Boyfriend" is enough to make me all light and fluffy happy like a cloud. Just a quick look and I already like these two as a fictional couple. I'm going to go further and rattle some windows here. I don't want Michael to win Holly back. He doesn't deserve her. Or she doesn't deserve him, or however that bizarre Scott saying goes.

I know...I know. All Office fans are rooting for for a reconciliation between the former HR Rep and Michael, but after his behavior of late, Scott has pretty much fallen out of favor with me. Of course, the writers will provide an attempt to show us how much Michael and Holly are "soul mates", much along the lines of Jim and Pam, but I'm not buying it. Besides, we've been down this road before with the future Halperts, having already witnessed Karen getting hurt as a price for the wonderous union of Jim and Pam (which I cheered despite really feeling Fillipelli's pain.) Let's not see another innocent significant other fall wayside to the whims of the writers who think they are giving us a satisfying coupling in Michael and Holly. In the writing world, it's kind of lazy. Michael has been a less than sympathetic figure this season for me to want Ms. Flax to run into his arms.

But if Michael does end up with Holly one day, I hope it will be due to Michael having spiritually grown. If Michael can just see himself the way others see him, he'd be more settled. If he could only be more sensitive to the situations of others, not care how things relates to him or how they can make HIM feel better, then he might stand a chance in holding onto Holly in my mind. I also hope that if they do unite, it's in the last season of the show, and that it's a result of an organic progression whereby Holly and AJ just naturally break up. I don't want their love to be blown asunder, but if Michael and Holly are made for each other, then let it be...but let Michael travel down that lonesome road all by himself for a while. Let him earn it. However, he might be a more complicated soul than that.

But for now, I'm "Team AJ". I love me some Rob Huebel (Human Giant, I Love You Man) so there is a wee bit of a soft spot for the boyfriend who wants to build Holly a house. I mean... Come on! He's awesome. But if the writers make him a d-bag, I will be heading into the summer like an agitated wasp, and I will sting...oh boy will I sting.

Yay Rob Huebel and Amy Ryan!

There's supposed to be a "twist" in Thursday's episode that will make us freak out over the summer. Spoilers show it could be a Jim and Pam moment caused by an injury at the picnic. So many speculations are being chattered about, so I won't spoil anything here, but could it change the course of The Office? Is the "twist" about Michael? I'm exhausted. Whatever.

The Office
"Company Picnic" airs this Thursday on NBC at 9:00pm ET/8:00pm CT.

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