Sunday, May 17, 2009

Surprise Guest Appearance Lift SNL's Season Finale

As if having Will Farrell and Green Day weren't cool enough, there were some insane surprise guests in last night's terrific SNL season finale. It wasn't just the welcomed return of Farrell's George Bush or Alec Trebek (with Daryl Hammond in place as his arch nemesis Sean Connery), it was the walk of SNL fame cameos that added a twist. Tom Hanks appeared as himself (although a bit more...dumb) in a redux of the beloved Jeopardy! sketch, with Norm MacDonald showing up be-wigged and moustacheod as Burt Reynolds. Maya Rudolph appeared as a crazy person singing about Sasquatch in the Funeral sketch. Amy Poehler picked up from where she left off earlier this season, pairing up with Seth Meyers for a Weekend Update that featured my personal favorite, Farrell as Harry Carey's spirit from the great beyond.

To top it off, more cameos by Paul Rudd, Artie Lange, Elisabeth Moss and Anne Hathaway in a funny and rousing version of "Goodnight Saigon" as cast and guests came to the stage.

That's SNL put to bed for the summer. The Presidential campaign of 2008 solidified the show's contribution to the political arena, making news alongside the news makers, winning the prestigious Peabody in the process. The show might not have always be funny, but it revitalized its place on the political satire platform, a spot, that up until this year, was growing a bit stale alongside the sharp, hip wit of Stewart and Colbert.

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